26 May 2017

In Which Ian Tyson's Life Intersects With Mine Yet Again

Love music I do. New music, like say Bleached's three brilliant records, is a treat but even a union man cannot afford to keep his ears happy buying sealed product.

So it is old records, old records that will never die, to which I most often turn. By old records I include old cassettes and 8-tracks. Have not got a lot either of those formats. Several hundred cassettes. Few dozen 8-tracks.

Once in a while I find a gem. Like today. Found a copy of Ian Tyson's "And Stood There Amazed." No big deal to most people. Would not usually be a big deal to me either except this copy is signed by Tyson.

A signed cassette by the Canadian motherfucker who got Bob Dylan stoned the first time. Think I will mark the occasion with a glass of good whiskey and a big fucking steak.

25 May 2017

Roll Down the Window

The election
Results are in.

On the way to
The sawmill
I am going to
Roll down
The window
And breath
Deeply the
Smell of

Napalm in
The morning.

20 May 2017

Punk Rock's Endless Summer

"If you are ever looking for your past,
 have a look in a glass of wine,
 it is in there somewhere."

 - Mr. Beer N. Hockey

I have always done my best to live in the Present.
When I wake up I want to do things until I Drop
Exhausted at the end of the Day.
The end of the day all too often Comes

A lot earlier than it once Did.
I would like to party until the Sun
Rises and beyond as I once did but Everyone
I know who still runs that Road is either dead or trying to Be.

(If context is of some Assistance
 I am writing this upon hearing of the Death
Of 52 year old Chris Cornell.
If ever there was a Rivalry

Worth writing about it is rock 'n roll's Death
Tolls in Dope City and its American sister city Pilotville.)
To look back on occasion is Ok.
My friend Jimi, when he Comes

Over, likes pull out old Records and play Them.
Music draws out Memories in different ways than Photographs
Do. Photographs remind you of how things Looked.
Music reminds you of how you Felt.

In the Summer of '79.

17 May 2017

On the BC Greens

I have been keeping tabs on the British Columbia Green Party since its inception in 1983. Since before I chose a political vehicle for my anti-authouritarianism to ride in. Never regarded them as anything other than just another small time competitor to the fucking Liberals and my party. I still do not regard them as anything other than small time. When, and if, they ever gain 9 seats in our far flung Parliament I shall consider them as equals among equals.

I met but two Greens during the recent election. I am quite sure they both supported my party with their votes. Individual Greens are a generally strategic lot. i.e. They get that sometimes it is more important who you vote out than who you vote in. They want what is best for their province and few, if any, of them believe the fucking Liberals have a place therein.

I saw just one of their candidates at the only all candidates meeting I attended. That candidate impressed no one in the room that day. It is difficult attracting top notch talent to small time shows.

Two of the Greens who ran in Steepleton finished well behind the two candidates my party shipped in when no one appropriate put their name forward from our local talent pool. This despite my party's candidates not campaigning like they meant it. My editorship of the DCFP prevented me from being an appropriate local candidate. Profane, disagreeable, quotable motherfuckers have a tendency of putting campaigns off message.

The third Steepleton Green finished even further up the track than the previous two because the NDP ran with effort in that constituency.

I only know one Green personally. Joe from DOA. I do not believe he would be amused by the Greens supporting the fucking Liberals for a minute under any circumstance but I have not heard from him as of yet. Joe is an independent individual. I expect his respected voice to be lent to his party's decision making process.

I hope the Greens do not fuck this up.

15 May 2017

The History of Democracy

BC Liberal Tea Party

Spending several weeks face down in an election allows a man to contrast that experience with his somewhat less than face down 40 hours a week sawmill life.

When I was a young man 40 hours a week seemed a bit much. (I mean didn't these people know I had shit to do?) Later, as I entered middle age, George Woodcock taught me 40 hours a week - minus vacation weeks and long weekends - was not all that bad after all compared to the hours some folks put in both here in Canada and (especially) elsewhere. In the 25 years since Woodcock taught me that lesson my country has increasingly forced its workers into working both more hours and and more jobs to pay the fucking bills.

Yet I quite happily will put in over 80 hours a week during an election campaign - without ever knowing for sure if my efforts will make a lasting difference, never mind a short term difference. Whether or not the preliminary results hold up or not this time I know what I did will bring down a corrupt government in the very near future. Too bad it was not last Tuesday.

Some citizens will eat shit and say it tastes good. And some of them cannot get enough of it. They literally eat shit until they die. The History of Democracy, now there's a motherfucker for you.

14 May 2017

Fifty/Forty Man

i am
50 years
an atheist

i am
40 years
an anarchist 

no god 
no country 
no lies



12 May 2017

Sorry For Not Writing More When the Election Was Going On

Did not get much writing done this particular election cycle. You get what you pay for, motherfuckers.

Over the next few days I will try and recount what I can remember of the experience. If I cannot remember anything I will just make some shit up.

Before I went for the count on Tuesday night I walked over to the Liberal fucker who had been in and out of the same school gym as I picking up the voting records as they became available through out the day. He was waiting for a some more of his kind to join him before heading inside. He was a fucking Christian - they all have that Ned Flanders thing going on out here where we grow your corn.

Some people like me will not talk to the opposition. I am the opposite. You learn all sorts of shit talking to people you would not want to have a beer with even if they were paying you to drink it.

So we talked. I could tell he thought I was an odd fellow. He was an odd fellow himself. You would have to be to raise a fucking finger to help Christy Clark do anything but move out of the fucking province.

Eventually I asked him something I try and ask everybody sooner or later because I get so many great stories from doing so: "What was the first concert you ever saw?"

It was Ozzy. He had been in the same crowd I was in back in '81 or thereabouts. Before the Liberal motherfucker got born again.

"Everybody there was fucking wasted," I recalled.

"Me too," he said. "That was the day Jesus came into my life."

"I think you may have confused Lemmy with Jesus," I told him.

"Lemmy," he asked as if he had never heard the word before.

I rolled up my sleeve and showed him my Lemmy tattoo. One in which he has his middle finger outstretched in an un-Christian greeting.

"That does look like the Jesus who revealed himself to me that night," he gulped.

"You weren't born again that night asshole," I told him. "You were born again to rock 'n' roll. Having said that, Lemmy was fond of dressing up like a Nazi which may explain your fondness for the Liberal Party."  

10 May 2017

On BC's 2017 Election

I did not get out of the count in the poll I was assigned to scrutineer on election night until after 9:00 PM. The poll, one of a couple I had pulled the vote out of all day, had voted overwhelming for my candidate, one of many I had assisted this time around, accounting for half the margin of victory. It was just one of many instances to make clear to everyone what a difference your own personal efforts can make when you both vote and lend a hand to something you believe in.

Lucky for me there was a pub in the middle of my immediate area of concern. A pub I had never been in before. A stand alone pub - not a mini-mall in sight. Right smack in the middle of a residential area - where pubs are meant to be located. They all know me there now.

"Back again already Mr. NDP?"

"Same again Mr. NDP?"

"You're not driving are you Mr. NDP?"

"Come back soon Mr. NDP."

I did not stick around for the Victory party like I usually do. Would have needed a hotel room if I had done that. I instead returned home to Sonja and a bottle of Lohin McKinnon I had purchased for the occasion. My first experience with this whisky distilled in Surrey. Given the night's results a more appropriate choice I could not have made.

(Great fucking whisky it is too. Every home whisky bar would be improved by its presence.)

Stayed up until midnight, when it became clear the final results of this general election would not be known for a couple weeks.

I am proud of my union's, fellow workers' and my own participation. Was not quite the result we had worked for. Was not quite the result I had expected. I will tell you one thing though: the bruises one absorbs in a fight do not hurt quite so much when you know you have hit your opponents hard and often for a full fifteen rounds. I look forward to our short term future and cannot wait to get back in the gym and back in the street looking for political danger.

9 May 2017

13 Line Election Prediction Poem


Eat Leo Gerard's

Eat Christy Clark's

8 May 2017

Dope City Free Press BC Election 2017 Editorial

The Dope City Free Press would like to suggest you vote for your local NDP candidate on Tuesday if you have not already done so. Unless you have the money needed to support a Hollywood cocaine habit a vote for anybody else is a vote against both your own and your neighbour's best interests. That is because, by focusing on non-millionaires, unlike the present government, a NDP government will make your life one fuck of a lot more affordable.

In other words, if you like having trouble keeping your family's finances in shape, should you even have family finances left to worry about, vote for the Liberals or their Green friends with benefits.

Same goes for those of you who like corrupt governments. Vote Green or their Liberal friends with benefits to keep that sick shit up.

The Dope City Free Press endorses the NDP on May 9th for those reasons and a great many more I have no time to outline here because in five minutes I am out the door trying to make it happen. You can do more than just try to make it happen. Vote, motherfuckers - and make sure your friends do too.