13 December 2017

Sibelius, Sonja and I

I was listening to the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra’s 1979 recording of Sibelius when Sonja came home with some groceries and wine.

I was just about to tell her how fucking excellent I thought the record was until she put in her two bits worth ahead of me.

“This sure is depressing. What the fuck is it?”

“It’s the collectible record I was telling you about last night. Now I know why. It is beautiful as one thousand acres of marijuana near harvest.”

Lou Reed wrote a song about couples like us. Hot dog/tofu couples and how they make their differences into something worth hanging on to forever. It is called “Love Is Here To Stay.”

9 December 2017

Listening To Jason Isbell In the Sawmill Parking Lot

Sat with Rollie in his mile high 4x4 drinking coffee and listening to Jason Isbell’s “Nashville Sound” on his stereo before work this morning.

“Fog is thicker than fucking dog snot, ain’t it Beer?” Rollie mumbled quietly enough to disturb neither of our hangovers.

“We used to have fog like this all the fucking time when we were younger,” I reminded him. “There were more and deeper ditches in those days. People missed corners and drove into them and died fast as motherfucking gangs kill off one another these days.”

“An old friend of mine’s mom died in one of those fucking ditches,” Rollie told me.

Then we sat there some more listening to Jason Isbell and the tugs warning off one another on the river, looking into the dog snot darkness until it was time to empty our coffees and get to work in the fucking sawmill.

7 December 2017

Long Gone To the Yukon

It is the oddest thing. A government making decisions that make sense.

That is what I am thinking now the government of British Columbia has outlined its plans regarding the forthcoming legalization of the plant my province is rightly famous for.

There will be lots of good paying jobs, many of them union, that has always been the main thing for me. Once the stigma attached to the plant that stubbornly refuses to disappear does just that there will be many more jobs in the agricultural/industrial sectors of our economy as hemp becomes further utilized.

The federal law is not nearly libertarian enough by far. That is clear. On the other hand it is not every Canadian who would be as comfortable with marijuana vending machines in schools as I would be. Let’s just say there is plenty of room for revision once my country gets the hang of Prohibition being long gone to the Yukon.

2 December 2017

Sitting On the Couch Drinking Whiskey

I was sitting on the couch drinking whiskey and watching the rain piss down from a North Korean black sky for the 50th day in a row. Then Sonja came home from work with dinner for a King in the form of leftover’s from her workplace’s Christmas lunch. Sonja works with people from every corner of our cornered Earth so it was quite the buffet.

Best thing was Sonja was too full to eat any of it. She poured herself a big glass of red and watched sawmill hungry me devour every last bit of it.

Christmas is the fucking best!

1 December 2017

Peace River’s Cite C - For the Record

After giving the idea more thought than we would usually give to our choice of a very large back tattoo the editorial board of the Dope City Free Press, which is never fucking wrong, has decided, given the circumstances, that the People of British Columbia should continue building the new dam on the Peace River.

Only a fucking jack ass would oppose it now.

28 November 2017

Best Christmas Party Ever!

Talked with Kitty about her company Christmas party. She was not up to it on Sunday.

“There was one fuck of a lot of drinking. I threw up on the boss, then the boss threw up on his wife, then she threw up on the boss. Best fucking Christmas party ever!”

27 November 2017

Rest In Peace Charles Manson





26 November 2017

Up On the Roof

I was up on the fucking roof again today. All the wind we have had this November has been repeatedly blowing one fuck of a lot of shit into my gutters.

Do not much care for heights. People fall off roofs. Everybody knows somebody who has had that experience. I find having a couple drinks of whiskey assists with my fears - including my fear of heights. So I had a couple (give or take a couple) before I climbed up the ladder.

I had cleaned all the moss off the roof during the summer but I found more of it growing up there than ever. I pulled out the biggest masses of the green shit but there was too much of it to clear off unless I was planning on spending all fucking day up there.

What I do like when I am up on the roof is the view. It is fucking great up there. Nobody sees you when you are up on the roof. I leaned on the chimney, drank from my flask and took it all in wishing I had a widow's walk so I could spend more time at such an advantageous elevation.

After that I got to the gutters. The usual mud, bugs and leaves - plus a surprise! There was a pair of scissors in the gutter. You never know what you will find in the gutter.

25 November 2017

I Stopped Listening

I stopped listening to CKNW in the car a long fucking time ago. Switched to CBC. Today, on the blackest of black Novembers I was rewarded for the wise switch - a minute or two of a 1973 live recording pressed to vinyl of Gram Parsons and Emmylou Harris singing together. Only 2000 of the records made, one of which is unlikely to find its way into my possession. All I got was my black November radio minute of the most cinnamon sweet apple pie of an American duet ever.

22 November 2017

Steepleton Checkout Line Conversation

When a woman behind me in the checkout line put a chocolate filled Advent calendar on the conveyor I asked her, “Not buying the marijuana Advent calendar?”

“This one is for my kids,” she told me matter of factly. “Hubby and I already have the marijuana Advent calendar (250 bucks!) put away where we hope the kids won’t find it. We can’t wait to open up the first day!”