17 September 2018

Sounders 2 - Whitecaps 1

Was in Dope City with Sonja on the weekend. Downtown.

“Loads of fucking Sounders’ supporters about,” observed Sonja. “Ugliest colours I have ever seen.”

There were Sounders fans fucking everywhere. In the pubs even. It was sickening. Later their team kicked the Whitecaps’ ass. Every last Sounders supporter probably made it back to the border without being accosted even once. A Sounders’ supporter would meet more bother in a senior’s home than they do on the once dangerous streets of Dope City. Is every one here really a bunch of wimps?

8 August 2018

On Canada Day

I liked
It better
Canada Day,

Like all Days,
Became such
Big thing.


Canada Day
Was a fire,
A hot dog and
A stick.

5 August 2018


For the past while I have been sharing myself with FB. It is fun to do. However, even more like a radio broadcast than the Free Service I here provide, my FB posts disappear into Nik Turner’s mescaline universe faster than a punk rock 45.

Good thing too, I thought this morning, as I looked over my output thus far compiled on the FB machine. Load of crap it is except for a few 13 line poems I am fond of (and will soon reproduce here) and a couple stories I may one day transfer to this platform.

Takes more effort to come up with a bit of writing good enough to publish here. Effort, even mistaken effort, being, of course, sort of important when one undertakes any creative challenge.

4 August 2018

On My Face





22 July 2018

1976 Forever Forever 1976

Jimi was by.
We listened to
The Ramones’
“Live at the Roxy.”


Then we listened to the new DOA
Record “Fight Back” loud enough
To disturb the neighbours
We had not yet disturbed.

We talked about Stubby and
All the dead motherfucking
Punks we had known or admired
Amazed we too had not expired.

24 June 2018

October 17, 2018

On October 17th, 2018 cannabis will be freed. Makes me more proud to be a Canadian since we pushed the Russians back in 1972. Oh, cannabis could be more freed than it will be. “A little grass never hurt anybody,” as my first booming grounds chargehand once advised me. That, I should think, will happen in time. Took 25 plus years since the renewed legalization movement began its offensive so I would be surprised that will happen soon. Changing Canadian government policy takes more patience than waiting for a mummy to shit in its wrap.

For example, an individual ought be able to possess much more than an ounce of cannabis. If any one Jim Pattison of the world wants to entertain a yacht load of guests they should be permitted to provide at least a pound of the best for their guests to dig into. No harm, no foul, after all and it is not like they are not going to do so, illegally, any way.

10 June 2018

Instinctive Forethought

When I was little,
Really little,
In the days
Of the six team NHL,

I chose
The team
I would support
Until the day I die.

The team was not
From fucking Ontario.
That, my friends,
Is known as

Instinctive forethought.

3 June 2018

Game On

Should Ontario shift from the fucking Liberals to the NDP it has far reaching implications for Canada. For if Ontario were to perform a similar shift in a federal election the game will be on.

27 May 2018

The Hook

I was standing on the corner waiting for the red hand to turn into the white man. In the lane across from me a driver for Aggressive Towing was impatiently waiting for another vehicle ahead of him patiently waiting herself to turn left towards the awaiting freedom of the highway. The tow truck’s windows were rolled all the way down as few cars windows are any more in our very nearly cigaretteless Utopia.

“What the motherfucking fuck are you waiting for you fat cunt cocksucking two bit double penetrated she male whore?”

Guess he was not having a great day. Made me happier than ever I am not among the demented army of drivers providing the transportation necessary to keep our society supplied with its every need and a hook for every breakdown.

13 May 2018

Ghost Cold Nose

I was awoke
By the ghost
Cold nose of
My last dog

Early this morning.
I took her
To the nearby
Woods to visit

Her friends, the
Ghosts of the homeless
Who once lived there.
It was the best morning

Of the the year thus far.