18 December 2019

Christmas Party Time

Christmas party time. Only time of the year the fucking boss buys.

Me and the boys, our girlfriends, boyfriends and what have yous,  a drunk before they set up cover band and two bartenders. What could possibly go wrong?

This year, nothing. Old guys, like myself, we got smashed as usual. None of us punched a manager in the fucking head. All the old guys with fire in their belly all retired or fired I guess. Young guys spent more time in the parking lot smoking their brains out more than ever. Pot smokers are so boring!

At least a couple of their girlfriends showed off their titties on the dance floor around midnight. The boss may not have been happy with his bar tab but he was fucking happy about that! Nothing says Christmas like strange titties.


ib said...

Merry Xmas, Beer + Sonja.

Mr. Beer N. Hockey said...

Cheers! And a happy New Year to you!

Danneau said...

Wishes... One for Christmas, and now another for a rollicking New Year of twisted humour, spicy language, slightly bent music and only as much work as you really want.

Mike (fencer) said...

Hi Mr. Beer,

Wow, interesting musical clip. That those guys manage to keep a sense of time, and I wonder what that instrument is on the left.

And a "drunk before they set up cover band." There's a classic.