30 May 2020

Too Much Dope City, Where’s My Mountain At?

Go on field trips or summer camp when you were a kid? Day trips, overnighters and week long ones if you were lucky as me.
Had day camps in the neighbourhood park for several summers. Government should have never stopped doing that shit. Mind you about all I remember of it was being hit repeatedly in the head with a tether ball.
One summer I got to take a week’s worth of day camping in a better part of town than the part I lived in. It was held in a park pretty enough to film a remake of Robin Hood in.
Another week I remember was a week at what would one day be my junior high. It was run by the man who I would one day help chase back into his principal’s office in one of the more epic snowball fights ever.
Overnighted on the island seaside with my Cub Scout buddies; Cypress Mountain with school and Maple Ridge where a last ditch effort to save my soul failed miserably. The ocean stunk; the snow was deep and the cigarettes unfailingly good.
I have not been more than 40 miles from my home at any time in many months. It is beginning to show.


Danneau said...

As long as you show up here once in awhile...

Mike (fencer) said...

Hi Mr. Beer,

Hope you're surviving the covid OK. I enjoyed the video by Jonathan Richman, never heard it before.

We didn't do much camping when I was a kid, since we lived out in the wild areas anyway. Although one day a local farmer we knew grabbed me and another brother and gave us an adventure making a raft and floating around a mountain lake. I think he was trying to recapture his boyhood, while we were living ours....


Mr. Beer N. Hockey said...

Fence - a scratch adventure. What could be finer. Reminded me of off trail Stanley Park adventures with my grandmother.

Dunno - Unlike many former practitioners of the blog I have indeed not set aside my own efforts for all time.

Thanks to both of you for reading the DCFP.

Rob said...

My grown children and their spouses are my best friends today because of camping. Went every year for two weeks come hell or high water and sometimes it was hell and many times it was high water. My daughter recently got married at a "rustic" resort in the Caribou, best wedding I have ever been to (4 days of fishing, bbq and more beer and whisky than was necessary).

Put gas in the van today, checked my CC statement and my last purchase was March 13th (3 months).

Hang in there dude, it can only get better from here!!