29 March 2020

Pandemic Blues

So...two weeks ago people were giving me dirty looks for getting my groceries virgin bagged because everybody pictured a whale or a turtle choking on every one I walked out of the store with. Now it is fuck the whales and turtles!

Everything is bagged, double bagged, triple bagged - whatever you want. I half expect people to begin walking around in bin liners. 

We have The Virus to think about and grocery bags are the least of the whales‘ and turtles’ problems because our waterways are suddenly swimming with rubber gloves tossed out faster than condoms into the sewers in the ‘80s.

1 comment:

e.a.f. said...

omg you must be old to remember the quest for condoms back in the 1980s--ah AIDS. did put a different spin on sex. wonder how the COVID thing is going to work, at least we could use condoms back then

Sure made me laugh. No condums, no sex.

Now the whales and turtles, they do have bigger problems. One of them is all those ships at anchor all over the place having their engines running.