12 September 2017


I can recall the events of 911 as well as anyone. I was home on vacation. Having had a recent premonition of a particularly fiery event on the near horizon was why I was home and not high in the mountains with wild trout and drunk bush clowns for company.

It was sunny. Just like today. When I woke up an English radio host with extensive history in and knowledge of the Middle East, then normally heard in the afternoon, was on the air. I knew immediately something bad I had expected to happen had indeed happened.

Turned on the tv to see one of the symbolic big towers in New York had been smashed into by an passenger jet. I knew instantly I would not be waiting long until the a second such jet would crash into the second tower and they would both soon come down.

I watched it all on television before I got bored, walked the dog to buy the Racing Form for the next day's Dope City Downs races, and then walked further yet to the pub to drink beer and make my hopeful selections. The tower fires played on the televisions instead of sports.

I had a great day and an even better one at the track the next day.

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