11 September 2017

Speaker Daryl Plecas

The editorial board of the Dope City Free Press does not hand out one fuck of a lot of compliments. Guess it is easier to spot an ass than a non-ass.

Today we would like to make an exception to our anti-complimentary nature. The exception is for Abbotsford MLA Daryl Plecas. Elected handily by the workers and farmers of my neighbourhood he decided to accept the honourable position of Speaker of our newly formed provincial legislative assembly.

To say his (now former) Liberal Snot Party of British Columbia shit themselves upon learning of his decision may be the understatement of the year.

Do not see action one can only describe as gutsy from a politician often these days. The MLA who preceded Speaker Plecas was a similarly gutsy individual. Must be something in the Abbotsford South beer all our politicians should be quaffing.


Anonymous said...

Was it seditious insubordination as Rich Coleman and his ill ilk would have us believe, or somebody who had their eyes opened in Penticton as to how the sausage was being made and decided it was time time for a change?

Chuckstraight said...

Nice editorial. Must say I agree completely.