13 September 2017

I Figured You To Be Long Dead

Ran into someone I used to get fucked up with some in Sliverville junior high school days. Figured him to be long dead.

"Beer!" he hollered like a half deaf sawmill hand. "I figured you to be long dead!"

Turned out he had made a life for himself in motherfucking Alberta and had returned, as few do, to Sliverville to retire.

"Bit of a fuck show Sliverville is. Always was. Always will be. Got the ugliest hookers you ever seen fucking customers in cars out front of my place day and night. Half the houses on my street are grows; the other half full of Chinese too scared to open their doors never mind come outside. Cheap hot shit for sale at garage sales every weekend and half the cops on administrative leave and the other half on the fucking take."

We went for beer. Had a fuck of a time. Grew up with lots like him. People who knew what the fuck was going on, knew it was not good, could not have given a fuck and never would.

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