26 June 2017

The Biggest Canadian Mistake

Take away the right to say "fuck"
And you take away the right to say
"Fuck the government."

- Lenny Bruce

I was in Sliverville on the weekend. It seemed very peaceful: it seemed like how the suburbs were advertised to remain for all time when they began being built decades ago. The fucking government was highly supportive. 

Then I heard the shots ringing through the air. Shots shortly followed by police sirens. Swarms of police in numbers far beyond the single malt dreams of the suburbs' architects and engineers.

The various levels of government in Canada have made a lot of mistakes in 150 years. The suburbs, surely, is the biggest Canadian mistake of all.

1 comment:

Lenin's Ghost said...

Yup, Mr. Beer.

Suburbs and malls. The destruction of community. Poopheads! ��