23 June 2017

Rocking Shopping Centre

I was in the mall after work. It was pretty busy for a week day afternoon I guess.

I have hated malls for a long time now but I am already beginning to miss them before they are gone.

Debbie Harry was singing "Heart of Glass" on the mall PA as I walked. Always think of her and her band playing London in '77 and Dope City a few years later when I saw them again when I hear her singing. Wish I had been born talented and beautiful as Harry was.

Alas, I was born to drink beer and raise Hell so I got the fuck out of the mall soon as I could and went to the pub. Sat on the sun warm patio, drank beer and thought about Debbie Harry. Even thought some about the great naked  photos of her that came out once her celebrity status put the hounds of sleaze on her her trail. Had a beav on her that would not quit.

Too bad 1977 could not have lasted forever. World has been fucked over pretty well since Blondie was young. Only thing that has got better since then is beer.

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