21 June 2017

It Was the Best Anne Murray's Birthday Ever!

For once the highway was backed up as an overcrowded prison sewer in the opposite direction I was travelling home from the fucking mill after work. It was Anne Murray's birthday and I did not want to miss out any of the evening I had prepared for us to share.

There was beer, lobster, cake and Anne Murray records playing on the stereo. The sun was shining and breeze, gentle as a snowbird's song, was caressing the world as if the world thought it necessary to show a little appreciation for how she made this world a wee bit less frightful a place while she was singing for us.

You have noticed how much more evil the world has become since she retired from the stage haven't you?


RossK said...


From our Miss Anne.

Would'a thunk it.


Mr. Beer N. Hockey said...

All credit to my CBC buddies for programming an all Anne afternoon rush hour serenade for me on Her birthday including the Chicago show from the original Trudeau error.