17 May 2017

On the BC Greens

I have been keeping tabs on the British Columbia Green Party since its inception in 1983. Since before I chose a political vehicle for my anti-authouritarianism to ride in. Never regarded them as anything other than just another small time competitor to the fucking Liberals and my party. I still do not regard them as anything other than small time. When, and if, they ever gain 9 seats in our far flung Parliament I shall consider them as equals among equals.

I met but two Greens during the recent election. I am quite sure they both supported my party with their votes. Individual Greens are a generally strategic lot. i.e. They get that sometimes it is more important who you vote out than who you vote in. They want what is best for their province and few, if any, of them believe the fucking Liberals have a place therein.

I saw just one of their candidates at the only all candidates meeting I attended. That candidate impressed no one in the room that day. It is difficult attracting top notch talent to small time shows.

Two of the Greens who ran in Steepleton finished well behind the two candidates my party shipped in when no one appropriate put their name forward from our local talent pool. This despite my party's candidates not campaigning like they meant it. My editorship of the DCFP prevented me from being an appropriate local candidate. Profane, disagreeable, quotable motherfuckers have a tendency of putting campaigns off message.

The third Steepleton Green finished even further up the track than the previous two because the NDP ran with effort in that constituency.

I only know one Green personally. Joe from DOA. I do not believe he would be amused by the Greens supporting the fucking Liberals for a minute under any circumstance but I have not heard from him as of yet. Joe is an independent individual. I expect his respected voice to be lent to his party's decision making process.

I hope the Greens do not fuck this up.


motorcycleguy said...

Especially when Joe finds out Weaver is guest speaker at the alpine lake draining waterfall diverting river drying BC Hydro bankrupting private power conference at the Hyatt hotel in Vancouver June 1....at $300-$400 per plate cash for access no less. At a Green event, while I was shopping for someone to vote for, Joe personally signed a T-shirt "Save our Rivers"...he is a man of integrity...as are a lot of Green voters. Green voters were sucked in by Dreamweaver, especially with his just hired HarperCon political advisor Spector. If Joe was elected, could you imagine him raising his voting hand in unison with Christy Clark?...in public....on camera? Raising something else would be more like it. Impeach Weaver.

Mr. Beer N. Hockey said...

Spector, if my recall of historic detail is not busted as a typical subject of a Merle Haggard song, was one of the authours of one of my province's most tragic periods. Perhaps, like Bill van der Zalm when he rose to set back the HST, he is back to set right some wrongs.

Lenin's Ghost said...

Or perhaps wrong what few rights are left

motorcycleguy said...

a lot of rights and wrongs all right....good cover of Billy Joel here by the Vindictives...check out the album art