20 May 2017

Punk Rock's Endless Summer

"If you are ever looking for your past,
 have a look in a glass of wine,
 it is in there somewhere."

 - Mr. Beer N. Hockey

I have always done my best to live in the Present.
When I wake up I want to do things until I Drop
Exhausted at the end of the Day.
The end of the day all too often Comes

A lot earlier than it once Did.
I would like to party until the Sun
Rises and beyond as I once did but Everyone
I know who still runs that Road is either dead or trying to Be.

(If context is of some Assistance
 I am writing this upon hearing of the Death
Of 52 year old Chris Cornell.
If ever there was a Rivalry

Worth writing about it is rock 'n roll's Death
Tolls in Dope City and its American sister city Pilotville.)
To look back on occasion is Ok.
My friend Jimi, when he Comes

Over, likes pull out old Records and play Them.
Music draws out Memories in different ways than Photographs
Do. Photographs remind you of how things Looked.
Music reminds you of how you Felt.

In the Summer of '79.

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