15 May 2017

The History of Democracy

BC Liberal Tea Party

Spending several weeks face down in an election allows a man to contrast that experience with his somewhat less than face down 40 hours a week sawmill life.

When I was a young man 40 hours a week seemed a bit much. (I mean didn't these people know I had shit to do?) Later, as I entered middle age, George Woodcock taught me 40 hours a week - minus vacation weeks and long weekends - was not all that bad after all compared to the hours some folks put in both here in Canada and (especially) elsewhere. In the 25 years since Woodcock taught me that lesson my country has increasingly forced its workers into working both more hours and and more jobs to pay the fucking bills.

Yet I quite happily will put in over 80 hours a week during an election campaign - without ever knowing for sure if my efforts will make a lasting difference, never mind a short term difference. Whether or not the preliminary results hold up or not this time I know what I did will bring down a corrupt government in the very near future. Too bad it was not last Tuesday.

Some citizens will eat shit and say it tastes good. And some of them cannot get enough of it. They literally eat shit until they die. The History of Democracy, now there's a motherfucker for you.

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