30 March 2017

It Could Have Been Much Worse

It could have been much worse - I could have been born a fucking American, for example - I was born in the most heavily treed province of Canada. Made the odds good, if not odds on, I would make my living off the green gold.

It has been a dirty, dull and dangerous time. Four decades of it.

Could not have done it without my writing, my motorcycle and my wife as Lou Reed put it many years ago.

Putting a record on the turntable and having a glass of whisky has helped too.

Tonight the Bushmills again and "The Best of Status Quo," an old Pye release for my toes to tap along to. The Bushmills from the union staffed liquor store; the record, a used one, from Red Cat on the weekend. It is a little scratched up, like its new owner.

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