29 March 2017

Last Man Standing in the Army & Navy

For a month now I have had a shrink wrapped copy of Jerry Lee Lewis' "Last Man Standing" DVD waiting to be entertain me one rainy night. Tonight I looked at it and decided, "Tonight's the night."

If Chuck Berry had not died it might still be in its shrink wrap unplayed. I bought it to watch on the day Jerry Lee Lewis goes straight to Hell. Now I guess I will listen to his old records like I do every other time a musician I really like croaks.

Bought the DVD at the Army & Navy department store in Fort Royal. A previewed bargoon. $2.99 plus tax. Jerry Lee is in form on the night it was recorded in 2007. He does not move around his stool much - all his energy is saved for playing the piano and singing along.

He is joined by a crack band and several guests. Some of the best rock 'n' roll you will ever hear. Get yourself down to the Army & Navy and see if you can get yourself a copy. If they are all out buy yourself a fucking fishing rod or something. Tell them Beer sent you, motherfuckers.

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motorcycleguy said...

will do just that...in there quite often but not for CD's (yet)...it's just down the road from work