17 December 2016

Are You A Vegetarian?

It happened again last night. In an Italian restaurant.

After Sonja and I had our pre-meal cocktail we made our food order with our waitress. Sonja tomato soup and salad, aware of the many calories available to her in the coming weeks. The soup and a meatless ravioli for me.

"Are you vegetarian?" our waitress asked somewhat incredulously.

I get this often when I order a meal without meat in it. I guess I do not look like a fucking vegetarian, which I am not. None of her business business though is it?

"Not exactly," I answered. "Are you?"

"I am," she conceded.

That figured. Vegetarians think they are New Age Communists. She was hoping I was part of the Revolution. Trouble is there is nothing revolutionary about vegetarianism. Too bad so many think otherwise. The Revolution is political - not dietary, motherfuckers.

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Anonymous said...

She must be a new vegetarian. I've been a vegetarian for about 9 years and learned very early on to never mention it to any stranger, for fear of offending them. Apparently, nothing threatens the 90% of the population who eat meat, as much as a few brave souls who don't (and are dumb enough to poke their heads above ground).