14 December 2016

An Anne Murray and Elvis Presley Christmas Wish For Michael Willmore

While the Christmas music our malls feed us can get fucking nauseating, if somewhat less so when there is snow on the ground instead of the usual oily puddles, I do enjoy some Christmas music in December.

Began my listening of that shit last night by tuning into the Rockinitis Christmas special. The show's host, Michael Willmore, has been entertaining me for a little longer than The Match's Fred Woodworth - over 30 years.

(Woodworth has yet to publish a Christmas edition of his must read Anarchist journal - something he really ought to rectify. Be worth it for the Who The Police Beat At Christmas article alone.)

Willmore had many solid recommendations - The Marcels, Elvis and the Beach Boys for example. Did not mention Anne Murray for some fucking reason - Elvis will shoot the motherfucker and defile his corpse on the other side for that oversight.

Tonight I have on Alberta record label Stony Plain's Christmas Blues album. Been waiting since April, when I found the cd in a Manitoba thrift store, to hear it. Worth seeking out if you, like me, like rockin' around the motherfuckin' Christmas Tree.


motorcycleguy said...

I have several Stony Plains compilations, but only on CD...thanks for the lead on this vinyl, gotta' get it....it will go on the turntable right after my original Bing Crosby and the Andrews Sisters "Merry Christmas"

motorcycleguy said...

well...can't find it anywhere yet....but I did find "Psych-Out Christmas" with "performances by Iggy Pop, The Fuzztones, Sleepy Sun, Sons Of Hippies, Dead Meadow, Psychic Ills, Dark Horses and more!"

Mr. Beer N. Hockey said...

I have here mentioned Stony Plains Records in the past. I don't know if they are Canada's best record label but they are very fucking good. Both the label and Ian Tyson's estate are going to be well rewarded when Tyson goes up the ranch house chimney into the starry Alberta night.