12 December 2016


Snow is not half as fun without the Hammer sharing it with me but last night was not short of Jesus Fucking Christ Christmas Magic just the same.

After Sonja and I had finished watching shit town of shit towns Seattle beat Toronto, a town so unloved they took a shining to Stompin' Tom Connors even though he hated the fucking place as much as anybody, in the Minor League Soccer Championship, I took what was left of my bottle outside and cleared the snow off the drive.

Sonja stayed inside with her wine and watched Mary Poppins.

Hard to say which of the two of us had more fun.

I put Neil Young's new "Peace Trail" cd in the car stereo, opened its windows, turned it the fuck up, opened the garage and shovelled. It was snowing an inch every fifteen minutes the whole time I was out there so I kept doubling back to reclear what I had done and have another drink.

Took two listens to the cd, a mid-tempo effort I recommend by my favourite living Canadian not named Shithead, to get it all done and that was when the Magic happened. It stopped snowing.

Jesus fucking loves me.

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