1 November 2016

Small Chocolate Bars

Hallowe'en came and Hallowe'en went.

I staked myself out by the front door. Having recently joined the Modern World, I hooked my portable computing device up to a big speaker, watched Monday Night Football and enjoyed some overproof Cutty Sark.

Soon the children arrived, their parents a few paces away watching for apples embedded with razor blades. One parent came right up to the fucking door and passed me some evangelical bullshit.

No one wastes more paper than fucking Christians.

None of the children wore costumes that would offend shit.

I gave them small chocolate bars.


theo said...

I gave them Artist Trading Cards.
Then I told them the history of Artist Trading Cards.
After that, I went back inside.
Then I finished the second bottle of wine.
I couldn’t afford.

Lenin's Ghost said...

Gotta ask. What the hell are artist trading cards?

Mr. Beer N. Hockey said...

I was wondering about Artist Trading Cards too. Figured maybe Theo was referring to beer bottle labels.

theo said...

Artist Trading Cards or ATCs are like Baseball cards, 3.5 x 2,5 inch cards with the artist’s work on them. Can be drawings, paintings, collage, prints or reproductions of an original - whatever will fit on the card. Came about because of the ’88 Winter Olympics in Calgary. The artist who started it is m. vänçi stirnemann in 1997.

Mr. Beer N. Hockey said...

We may not know shit here at the DCFP but our readers sure do.

Lenin's Ghost said...

Thx for the explanation. Sounds pretty cool.

Rob said...

I just read your little story to my wife, we both almost pissed ourselves. Thanks