31 October 2016

On Hallowe'en Party Poopers

A few philosophical words, if I may, on the over-sensitivity of people when it comes to what the fuck is ok to dress up as on Hallowe'en.

In Mexico they have one day, Hallowe'en, for the dead, and 364 for the living dead. This seems a fair balance. Therefore, the oversensitive can fuck off and die.

On the other hand, in England they skip right past Hallowe'en and celebrate Guy Fawkes, someone not at all unlike myself, who fucking near blew up Parliament and was later sentenced to be hung, drawn and quartered for his trouble. (He jumped from the hanging platform, broke his neck, died instantly and denied the fucking English the pleasure of killing him, if not the latter two thirds of his punishment.) No one gives a shit about that.

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