2 November 2016

Black Day In Steepleton

Ben, one of my Abbotsford beer drinking buddies had a question for me on the weekend. "You think you could pick me up from the hospital on your way home from the mill on Tuesday? I'm having a colonoscopy and the fucking doctors do not want me driving home."

Ben's wife left him after she spotted him on the tv raising shit outside the rink after the Canucks lost to the Bruins five years ago. Their boys moved to Australia to work in the mines shortly thereafter. So it is just Ben and his friend the bottle.

There were one fuck of a lot of cop cars outside the hospital when I picked Ben up. Ben figured, "Hindoos must have had another shoot 'me up."

On the way to Ben's place we noticed some students leaving his neighbourhood school. This nearly two hours after school lets out. Shit pile of buses sitting around doing nothing too. And the road going right by the school shut down by Steepleton police.

Found out on the news soon enough one teenage girl had been stabbed to death in her school and another hurt real serious.

Life around Dope City has been going downhill (except life for the one or two per cent at the very peak of Rich Fuck Mountain) for so long we do not even notice the slope except on occasions such as this. If you think nothing has to change you do not want to debate the merits of your position with me, my friend Ben or our neighbours soon.

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