3 October 2016

Make WDVX-FM Your Favourite Radio Station

Natasha Borzilova

I have three stereos in the house with a combined wattage of 250 watts plus a top notch Grundig in the kitchen, a cd/cassette boombox and a cd/radio alarm by my bed. Even though I do not have a garage dedicated stereo, like many do, it is not like I have much need for more shit that will play music for me.

But I got another piece to add to the collection. Like much of the stereo equipment I have it came to me second hand. Got one of those all white Apple speakers to listen to music from my home computer (itself second hand) and mobile devices. I am quite sure there are better such speakers out there but it sure sounds good to my ears.

Today I turned to a couple football games on the television (sound turned down/closed captioning turned on), read a book (The Christina Lake Bear Dude story) and tuned into WDVX-FM and their Sunday hillbilly jamboree all fucking day.

Made cranberry muffins while I was it. Hard to beat Dope City cranberries this time of year. Tart as an old downtown whore.

When I was testing the Apple speaker in the store I found it in the sales girl stuck close by me to make sure I did not sneak out the door with it. Place sells few items worth as much as the price tag they had stuck to it.

I tuned in WDVX-FM. They were playing some fine old country music as usual.

The sales girl was impressed. "That sounds so good. What station is that?"

"Why it's WDVX-FM from Knoxville, Tennessee. Great music all day and no fucking commercials," I told her.

She wrote the call letters down. Girls here in Steepleton like their country music. Makes them want to do things the Lord would prefer they did not.


RossK said...


While I do not work the floor at whatever they call Radioshack these days, I do blame YOU for getting me hooked on WDVX.

And, man, am I hooked.

Heckfire, I've even dreamed of getting seasons tickets to the Blue Plate Special for Christmas.




Mr. Beer N. Hockey said...

I do not recall just how I came upon WDVX-FM. Probably an aggregator of online radio stations. Don't suppose too many Canadians listen to their programming. Too bad. Those that do are reminded every time they tune in America still sounds good for a country that looks like Rich Coleman on Saturday night.