4 October 2016

Reassessing the Place of the Police in our Society

By now, one might hope, in the light of one fuck of a lot of unnecessary police shootings, a lot of people, who may not have otherwise done so, have reassessed their opinion of the fucking cops. Some have probably reassessed their opinion of why we need them at all.

Could be there have been enough such reassessments made to make a difference - to permit a man to dream we will all one day be safe from the police.

No reassessment was necessary here at the Dope City Free Press. Body Count got it right many years ago - fuck the police!


Kim said...

Yes, agreed.

Mr. Beer N. Hockey said...

The photo above, which captures the same message we have seen in North America lately, is from South Africa a good many years ago.

Lenin's Ghost said...

Yep. I remember when cops were fun to chat with and were there to serve and protect.
Now they seem like thugs running in packs acting like drones in there warrior outfits