2 October 2016

40 Years On, The Song Remains the Same

This month, 40 years ago, Led Zeppelin's "The Song Remains the Same" was released. Is there a motherfucker more merciless than time? I think not.

Watched it then with a few of my mates a couple times in a row. Washed down our popcorn and sweets with several bottles of scotch. Shitfaced we were. Acted like we were members of The Fucking Who. Vomit in the trash cans. Vomit in the loo.

We had all bought a ticket on the punk rock ride by then but we still worshiped the old gods of rock and fucking roll. The gods of my junior and high school dances. Platform shoes stepping on wished for girlfriends' toes.

Got the DVD rolling as I type this for you, for the gods, dead and alive. No popcorn. No sweets. Bottle of Arran to help me tap my old punk rocker's toe.

It was something else, you know. Growing up in the 1970s.


Anonymous said...

WOW! flashbacks...
Saw it in Tsawwassen in '76 or '77.
We were baked. Double date.

Saw it with my first girlfriend.
There's something about the innocence, idealism and freshness of young love that I still haven't gotten over.

Mr. Beer N. Hockey said...

A movie screenplay is just waiting to be written wheeling a handful or two of the human entanglements and estrangements The Song Remains the Same brought together and blew apart.