15 July 2016

Clean Your Clock

It was on the shelves for a month longer than I have waited to buy a new Motörhead release in a while but "Clean Your Clock" in its cd/dvd form is now mine. A vinyl copy of it will make its way onto my own shelves in good time.

Much better than I expected it is. Lemmy's voice is understandably a tad weak but other than that the band is in clock cleaning good form. Few songs off their last couple records and the usual high speed train wreck expected by their fragrant fans filling out the rest of the set. The perfect birthday or Chistmas gift for the young lad or lass in your life you would like to end up in prison for a good long spell.

Hard to say when I will watch the dvd. Prefer music without pictures you know really. Perhaps this Christmas, when I take note of our hate and war infected planet having survived without Lemmy a year, if indeed we do survive that long.

I feel better about old boy Lemmy being gone now. Just how a fine epitaph is meant to make you feel: thinking it's motherfucking great to be alive.

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