14 July 2016

On Changing the Lyrics To Canada's Anthem Before Baseball's All-Star Game

Lot of tutt-tutting in the wake of the dude singing some new lyrics to Canada's boring and tuneless as fuck national anthem. Tutt-tutting is not a strong point around the Dope City Free Press so you will not be hearing any of it from me.

I think fucking around with the lyrics of anthems is Anarchy so I instead applaud the dude. Anthems are for fucking fascists. Just like flags. I liked it better when hardly anybody knew the words to Canada's. Was not that long ago we just stood around and looked stupid as we waited to get back to our beer whenever the anthem got played.

God Save the Queen and the fascist regime indeed.

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motorcycleguy said...

Time was I would disagree strongly with Lenin's Ghost...when I was in Grade 5 that is, singing that song....took most of a lifetime to catch on to how many of the things I was nationalistic about were getting dismembered right in front of me...and here I thought I was of reasonable intelligence the whole time...feeling a bit sheepish now I must say..we did have some excellent teachers at that time and I do remember having to write an essay on "Nationalism...Good or Bad" around Grade 9 or so....that teacher had a lot of foresight....no wonder "they" don't want them around any more.