21 July 2016

2016 BC Summer Games Beer Garden, Safe Injection Site and Marijuana Smoking Lounge

Steepleton is hosting the BC Summer Games which get underway July 21st. Steepleton, being a small city with all the amenities big community events require, is a well suited host city. Lots of volunteerism here too so there is no shortage of people willing to help make things happen.

I was asked if I might like to help out this year by a youth sports enthusiast I am acquainted with. I was not doing anything special this weekend so I asked, "Is there a beer garden somewhere I can get a drink when I am not busy?"

The answer was, "No."

"But it is going to be hot as Adele's ass..."

"No beer garden."

Next year I can start asking about marijuana gardens to keep myself from volunteering for uptight youth organizations.

No beer = No Beer.

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