14 April 2016

My Mom on the Leap Manifesto

Phoned my mom from the hotel bar once the Eddy NDP convention had come to what was in the end a predictable and necessary conclusion. She, like fucking near everybody, had some advice for the NDP.

"You fucking NDPers should stop using the word Manifesto. Makes people think Karl Fucking Marx is still running the party."

I easily imagined her picking up her glass of wine as I breathed in and began to answer her.

"It's the kids Mom. Young people caught by the lure of social activism all, tired of the old fuckers who have preceded them and are clinging to whatever power they have managed to gain, must always have their own Manifesto. It is a means by which they set themselves apart from those who came before them."

"Well, I don't like it," she sniffed.

"You're not supposed to," I sniffed back.

You cannot fucking please all the fucking people all the fucking time. It is written.

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