16 April 2016

Manitoba 2016 Election Update

From Eddy I came straight to Manitoba to try and persuade Manitobans not to return their province to Conservativism. My posting, far from the glamour of Winterpig, is in a town in a rural district where you do not have to go the fucking bar to learn everybody knows your name.

When I got here it was still twenty below and windy as Newfoundland's north coast. It was the first week of April. It snowed several times and I cheerfully considered suicide several times before spring  arrived. The warmer temperature immediately created local flooding and pools of mud deep enough to drown Donald Trump's ego in.

When you are on the ground in an area you are unfamiliar with you see things you always see in similar places and you see shit you have never seen before.

People in small town Canada are friendly as fuck. Not like Dope City where everybody is trying and usually succeeding to fuck one another over as often and as hard as possible. People I have never seen in my life wave at me walking down the road. They smile ear to ear. It feels nice being in places like this.

Yesterday I was walking around someone's house to reach the common entrance to the place (usually the back door) when I heard a voice and some unmistakable wine giggling. "I hear someone coming," they belatedly warned. A couple steps further on I saw who was enjoying their Friday night. It was three women in a hot tub. Not a stitch of clothing between them. Each of them could have been Miss Manitoba.

This might put less seasoned political activists off. Not me. I gave them my pitch, leaning in at the appropriate moment to pass them the campaign end piece just far enough to seem polite yet require the woman I was handing it to lean provocatively toward me.

Being a political activist is not all that bad.


Bill said...

You truly walk the talk Beer. You never cease to amaze.

Enjoyed your earlier Alberta NDP convention perspective and now this unique antidote from... as you and the license plates say 'friendly Manitoba'.

BC, Alberta, Manitoba - if this traveling east campaign were to continue, you will be Screeching into St John's before their summer snow melts.

I look forward to the upcoming inevitable CBC Interview on Power and Politics with Rosie Barton. That would certainly shake things up.

Mr. Beer N. Hockey said...

You ought to move to Japan Bill. That is the only place I can think of at the moment where you might find a bigger calamity than me and Rosie on your tv.

James King, Victoria said...

Just read your post Beer - read it aloud to my wife of low these many years. Both of us being transplanted prairie folk she spent the next five minutes chuckling, as did I. Thanks