11 April 2016

Recap: NDP Convention 2016

I am not close enough to the heart of things to know why Tom Mulcair did not step down as my NDP leader shortly after the 2015 election but I am glad he did not. Made for a more contentious and very interesting convention. Maybe that fucker Trudeau kicking our ass was the best thing that ever happened to us. I doubt it but maybe it was.

Just about everybody in the party appreciates everything Mulcair did for us. The break through in Quebec; the shit pile of seats he helped win us there in 2011; the master class he put on in how to be a leader of the Opposition each and every day. He was the best motherfucking Opposition leader in the history of Canada. The best. Nobody should forget that.

The head of the Canadian wing of my Union was wise enough to press our party's membership for more time than usual for us to choose our next leader. The membership was wise enough to agree with him. Nothing wrong with that especially as it will allow us to fight the next election in British Columbia without distraction. We have our own fucking Harper to dispatch next year.

In addition to the business of leadership we passed the Leap Mainfesto which I hope will guide our party as we try again (and again) to win enough hearts and minds in Canada to govern our fat land.

We do not give up, motherfuckers. We do not fucking give up. We are going to fight harder than ever for what is right, what is possible and for what may appear to be impossible.

That, my friends, is what we do.

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