21 April 2016

Manitoba 2016 Election Review

Election Day in Manitoba did not exactly go the NDP's way. Going to post with an unpopular jockey in the saddle will see you leave the gate seeing heels the whole race pretty much every time.

We won where I was until I said my good-byes the next morning however. Mr. Beer N. Hockey takes no fucking prisoners; an attribute I shared with all the Pirates that made up our swashbuckling team. From the candidate who is in surgery this morning getting something repaired he kept quiet about until the party was in full swing last night; to the Newfie campaign manager with enough fight in him to win the NDP the next federal election; to the first time canvassers who knew their town and the fucking bushes around it so well we would not have won without them.

There was a Victory party of course. If you are wondering if small town Canada can still give 'er I assure you they can still do so with the best of them.

In the morning I had coffee where I had been going all week. Seated at the table beside mine was the unsuccessful Liberal candidate sitting across a table from his campaign manager. He was a little cranky.

"We would have beat those NDP assholes if we'd only had a leader who wasn't even worse than their's," he moaned. "And if we had more money I could have flied into every village like the Conservatives and the NDP did." On and fucking on he went. The campaign manager nodding like a dashboard ornament the whole time. Moaned the whole way through my breakfast like a top drawer porn star.

If wishes were horses the Liberals would have no need for fertilizer on their farms this spring. They are probably already out looking for one of Pierre Trudeau's mistress' children to take over their Manitoba wing.

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