19 April 2016

Frostbite In Costa Rica

Since I have been in town I have seen exactly one cop. He was in a ghost pick-up. We eyeballed one another for future reference.

No one seems to know how many cops there are in town. Some say ten. Others say twenty. Probably depends how many are recovering from their latest case of frostbite in Costa Rica. (That is an inside joke if you have not been paying attention to Manitoba politics.)

Mostly the police pick up drunks. Sometimes there are murders.

Tonight I had a steak in a hotel where someone was murdered just last week. Some people in town will not eat in the hotel any more. They do not understand the laws of probability like I do. There should not be another murder there before May long.

April 19th is Election Day. Lot of people are having second thoughts about giving the keys to the government Cadillac back to the Conservatives but they are still going to do it. People know they are voting in assholes all the fucking time and my guess is they will never stop doing it. My people will be there for them when they come to their fucking senses.

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