22 April 2016

Sad When It Was Time To Go

I was in small town Manitoba long enough to make me sad when it was time to go home. My relatives, who moved from the province to Dope City in the first half of the 20th century, never let on they missed the prairie home they grew up in but now I know they must have.

I live in the city. Except for my first few years on our doomed planet my life has been nothing but stop lights, sirens, bad air and worse hockey teams.

There were three stop lights and the occasional siren where I was. Even saw one man taken away near death in an ambulance while I was there. The people who called the ambulance for him were not his family members yet they were in tears as the paramedics sped away with him.

The air was good and the local hockey team was held in high esteem even though they had come up a goal short in the play-offs. Everybody in town seemed to be wearing an article of clothing they had bought to help support the team. When I arrived in Winnipeg it was like landing on another planet. I was the only one wearing the team's colours.

Race relations, same as everywhere in Canada, could use a little work. Even where people live side by side they do not always walk shoulder to shoulder. Maybe we ought to remind each other a little more often that if we were united we could never be divided.

Hope I get back there soon.

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