29 March 2016


Went camping on the Easter weekend. Little cold but fuck all for people around.

What people there were sure liked their liquor. Hard liquor. Shit that makes you go whoop-whoop-whoop in the night.

Stuck to the beer myself. Like the way cold weather keeps beer just the right temperature.

Everybody but me had a dog.

There was snow in the mountains and rifle shots in the night.

It was good be under the stars and in the Canadian forest again.


Gerry Hannah said...

Very sorry to hear about your lovely dog Mr. Beer n' Hockey. I had my dog friend die on me 4 years ago and it just about killed me too. Also, thanks for the nice reviews you gave our show and my CD. All the best.

Mr. Beer N. Hockey said...

The Hammer was my third dog. My first dog Strangler's death was even harder on me. It was not until she died that I realized just how much funtime we had together. All three of them (Ranger died suddenly well before he became old) have helped me become the slightly less rotten than before I got dogs old punk rocker I am today.

Some of the people who read the DCFP appreciate I write about music every now and then. Thanks for giving me a reason to write about your music by putting on a rock show. Spending time with your townfolk made me look at your town in a whole new (and better) way.