30 March 2016

The Neighbour Cat, Iggy Pop and I

Took care of some shit after my sawmill shift was completed and I had manoeuvred my way through the post-Easter resurrection of the world class traffic jam Dope City is so proud of. Shit taken care of,  I made my final stop in London Drugs before going home to have a patio beer with the neighbour cat who keeps my patio chair warm while I am away.

There was one copy left of the new Iggy Pop cd I was hoping to find there. I had been looking forward to buying it more than I ought to have done because so many old rock 'n' rollers have been keeling over the last bit.

Keep on rocking Iggy you skinny long hair fuck.

Only listened to it once so it would not be right to review it. Last song is beer shit hot for sure though and I am pretty sure the neighbour cat like the whole fucking thing.

1 comment:

ib said...

Have only listened to it once, myself. Will give it another go.

The wiry one deserves that much.