31 March 2016

World Class, My Ass

I still listen to CKNW. It is sick. I know. It is like listening to a corpse decompose.

Lynda (with a fucking Y) Steele is their latest and greatest. Naturally she is as much fun to listen decomposing as the rest of their schmuck roster.

Yet somehow I continue to tune in to the station I have been listening to since before I was born. Like everything else in a city that thinks it is getting better and better it is getting worse and worse. World class, my ass. One Jack Webster was worth more than all the motherfucking clowns now drawing a cheque from the station that does not dare still refer to itself as the top motherfucking dog.

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motorcycleguy said...

equally ashamed.......but I do make a point of buying appliances at places other than they advertise. My dad was blind so TV was not high on the list of things for us to spend money on (though we did get one in 1965)....he listened to Webster and Pat Burns on the transistor (made in Japan..never guessed I would live to see the day "Made in Japan" denotes the hallmark of quality). Webster was on all the time. I mean, all the time. I was a bit young to take all that in but I sure knew by the reaction of the grown-ups listening and the tone of those getting interviewed that it was worth listening to. Ted Peck captured my interest. I wonder what he would have to say about IPP's and fish farms? A lot more than Linda with a Y and Drecks with an X that's for sure. Have yet to hear anyone they interview wince.