25 March 2016

Rich Hope - Killing Rock 'n' Roll in the Terrorist Century

As you know I gave up trying to keep up with shit around about the time I stopped giving a shit. There is something to be said about being a motherfucking rock on a forgotten beach on a forgotten island on this forgotten doomed planet of hate and war. All is not lost however. We still have wishful thinking to fall back on.

Oh, yeah. Up Trudeau River without a paddle.

When you have not kept up for a few decades you cannot help but run into the great shit you missed out when you were pissing your life into the pub trough.

Take 2009 for instance. That was the year Rich Hope gave the whole shitfuck world "Whip It On Ya," which I listened to for the first time driving home for a rocking, rolling long weekend. Might be the best rock 'n' roll record ever recorded in Burnaby. Note-motherfucking-perfect.

Find yourself a copy. Bet he (and maybe even drummer Adrian Mack) would sign one for you at their Biltmore Cabaret show Saturday April 9th.


RossK said...

Now the fine work of Mr. Hope and friends is most definitely something we can agree on Beer.


Mr. Beer N. Hockey said...

Hope (and Mack) should be jailed for terrorizing our children with rock 'n' roll.