24 March 2016

Beer the Medicine Man

Visited one of my neighbours today. They have an old dog who is not doing as good as he once did.

"How you doing Beer?" I was asked when they opened the door to see me.

"Still cheating the coffin," I confirmed for them before I reached across their home's threshold with what brought me to their door - dog medicine. I knew their old boy was on the same shit the Hammer was on - two different kinds of it. Good couple hundred bucks worth but no good to me now. If I thought it would give me a fucking buzz I would have finished it by now.

They gratefully accepted the hand me down medicine in the traditional Canadian way: "Come in for a beer."

Inside their dog was lying on a big cushion. Bad hips but otherwise looking good. I went down on the floor for some dog time.

Ended up having four beer as we swapped dog stories. If you have ever had a dog you know how many of those you collect over a dog's lifetime. The three of us were all pretty close to tears a few times. Lucky there was one reason to laugh too.

Do not know what my neighbours thought of our time together. Felt like a god damn good therapy session to me.

Old dogs rule, motherfuckers.

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