20 February 2016

Meet the Working Class

Sonja and I ended up taking ourselves some time off last week. Treated ourselves to a few nights at Sundown Lake Resort.

We arrived in the rainstorm of rainstorms. Clouds black as Groucho Marx's moustache. Roads wet as Noah's ass.

"Did you notice how full the bar was?" Sonja asked as we put our gear away in our room overlooking the panther black lake.

"It was fucking packed," I agreed. "Because of the rain I guess. Brings the Fear out in people and fear is what gets people drinking."

"What are we afraid of?" Sonja asked.

"Only thing we are afraid of is not getting a seat downstairs at the bar. Maybe we better walk over to the pub."

The nearby pub is one of the nicest anywhere. It is a big log cabin with a big enough fireplace to roast  a fucking cow in. Oddly enough there were only a few people inside which suited us just fine.

"Either they are giving away free beer back at the resort or they were all afraid of a little rain," Sonja figured.

"Fuck," I thought to myself. "I better not be missing out on free beer."

The pub's grub was as good or better than ever. The beer and wine to our satisfaction. The Canucks were playing on every tv screen in the place. Nobody was looking at them. I did not need to write the last sentence.

We noticed the resort bar, once full, was now deserted as we made our way to our room to get changed into our bathing suits. It was now ten, we were drunk as the Canucks coach would soon be, we were in time to enjoy the resort's peaceful, romantic outdoor hot spring pools for an hour before they closed.

Except the pools were just as full as the resort bar had been earlier. Full of huge hair covered men and nearly as many sizable and only slightly less hairy women. They all had thermos mugs of alcohol they did not need to drink and would wish they had not drank in the morning.

Sonja was first in the pool to join them. She likes her men hairy and incoherent.

It was louder than a Motorhead show. Turned out there was some sort of union convention going on. Until that very moment I did not understand why rich fuckers fear the working class so much. The working class is way too big, hairy and drunk for the rich. If a 1 per centre had joined this crowd in the hot pool they would not have emerged from it with their lives.

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