21 February 2016

Black and Blue

To help me get back up on the bar, post-Hammer, I have purchased a little more music than I might normally have done. Two such purchases, of the black and blue variety, stand out from the others.

First the black: Neil Young and the Bluenotes' four record live set. Paid $100 for the fucking thing but it is one of the most beautiful sounding recordings I have ever heard. Listening to this record may just be the most enjoyable I thing I do until I read Stephen Harper's obituary.

And the blue? The Headcats' "Fool's Paradise" is recorded with a little less precision than Young's but is one of the funnest records I now own. Funner than fucking your boss' wife. Worth owning this one just for the back cover photo of the band enjoying a drink in the pub.

Long live rock 'n' roll.

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