23 February 2016

Sex, Drugs and Recreational Vehicles in the 21st Century

Spent a few hours at the RV show Saturday afternoon with Sonja, Hunky Z and Kitty. There were thousands of people there. Thousands of white people.

I would not have even noticed that if it were not for Hunky, who is half Jamaican. "The only thing separating this crowd from a lynch mob is the lack of a noose and a tree to tie it to. They did not even have to hunt for a nigger. I fucking volunteered."

Hunky and Kitty are thinking RV. Once you get to a certain age the roads you have travelled all your life lead to a fork. To RV or not to RV.

We did not pass up a chance to climb into everything the exhibitors had crammed into the Steepleton Show Barn and quite a few rigs that spilled outside as well. RV shows are made for people like us. Even an event as well attended as this provide lots of opportunities to sit down and pass the flask around.

"I wonder what everybody thinks about going into all these fucking things?" asked Sonja who would rather die than get caught dead in an RV.

"I don't know about everybody else but I am thinking me and Kitty will be able to stop and fuck in every Wal-Mart parking lot for thousands of miles around," Hunky answered.

Kitty rolled her eyes before responding. "Wal-Marts all have lots of Viagra on hand so maybe we could."

"Plus you can stop and drink beer legally if you do not feel like fucking," I added, practical man that I am.

"You can?" Sonja asked.

"Fuck yes," Hunky told her.

Lots of places to keep your soon to be legal weed too.

I took note of the wicked stereos many of the rigs sported. Sex, drugs and rock 'n' roll. Not what you may think of when you pass an old cunt backing up traffic on the highway but that is what is happening in RVs in the 21st century.


motorcycleguy said...

"To RV or not to RV"...Mrs. Motorcycleguy see's their point and wants to upgrade to a seat instead of a greasy rolled up Mack jacket bungee'd to the back fender... if she likes the seat and makes it for more rides, a vodka/ice tea drink holder. Good marketing here. Not thinkin' the improvements will lead to any WalMart thing 'tho.

Mr. Beer N. Hockey said...

Too funny. I did see a couple RVs you can roll your bike into so you can putt around the campsite scaring people once you reach your destination without any of the ass pain associated with with long rides in the hot sun.