18 February 2016


Besides memories

What the Hammer
Left me with
Is an unmistakeable warmth.
Not sure if the warm feeling

(It is like I have
Become a werewolf)
Was there already
And I did not notice it

Or if it was her gift to me
As she stopped breathing
And left me to
Keep on keeping on.


Lew said...

Glad to hear about the warmth, Beer. My condolences to you and Sonja on your loss.

Considerable research exists to confirm what a lot of us have intuitively known for some time. Dogs can and do experience what we call love and affection. Since to love and be loved is what makes our short run on this rock worthwhile, it appears Hammer had a good run. Your writings inform us she was much loved by two at least, and responded in kind. Your writing also allowed many to know her and vicariously navigate the trails she travelled. Not many doggies cut such a wide and memorable swath.

I stop by here to read, and always enjoy the experience. Don’t often comment and have reflected on that from time to time. I think it’s because your writing is not usually about topics that require an opinion. In fact most of the time an opinion would be presumptuous given the subject matter, which often involves stark honesty about your life’s emotions. Sometimes sad, sometimes happy, mostly funny, but always thought provoking and memorable. Occasionally I nod my head and think, “Been there.” Frequently I haven’t been there, or have been and fucked it up with less class than you did. That’s valuable info.

I’m reading your motherfucking re-runs as you post them rather than digging into the archives in a marathon read. That allows the thought and time needed for proper digestion, even on the ones I’ve enjoyed before.

Thanks for being Beer.

Mr. Beer N. Hockey said...

I like it the motherfuckers at Google made it so I can feature some of my old shit.

Cheers, dude. Some people comment, some people don't. What's odd is I hardly get any cranks who try and comment here. I moderate what comes in but hardly ever have to tell people to fuck off by deleting what they have written.