6 February 2016

First Day of 2016 St. Moritz White Turf Races Cancelled Due To Warm Weather

Readers of the Dope City Free Press will know I have a keen interest in the St. Moritz winter horse race meeting held upon frozen Lake Engadine. We used to race horses on the ice of my own country and I do not understand why we do not make such an event part of every Canadian winter again. If someone were to promise our new Prime Minister his wife could sing the anthem before the first race maybe he would get on that.

When you follow something, as I have followed the White Turf, for a long time you learn things. For example, in Dope City, where traditionally a great many of our horse races have been run over (exceedingly) wet tracks, sloppy race tracks have become most uncommon recently. As if the climate has changed or something.

Similarly the limited horse racing held in my province's interior was cancelled last year due to forest fires preventing the movement of horses and people to the event. Anybody else find something (exceedingly) distressing about that?

More tellingly yet, the first day of this year's St. Moritz meeting scheduled for February 7th has been cancelled because it is too fucking warm.

In the Alps.

In February.


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