5 February 2016

Death To the Sickoids

There is not that much shit out there that really, really pisses me off any more. Maybe there should be but there is not. What is left of the fire in my belly is barely enough to get me any attention in an hospital emergency ward. In the end all I have left is a barely audible summation of everything and everybody who has pissed me off over the years.

"Fuck them."

There is one thing that is definitely left however. The assholes in their $3000 boots, $40 socks, $900 pants, $400 sweaters, $1500 cardigan and $3750 parka.

Fuck those motherfuckers forever. The yuppie has to die.


motorcycleguy said...

"The yuppie has to die"......or, I could just take a couple of them with me on the weekend. If they don't know how to use all that gear the problem might go away all on its own.

Mr. Beer N. Hockey said...

The more yuppies that go snowmobiling where they ought not to the better for everybody (except their insurance companies).

motorcycleguy said...

Kinda' disagree with ya there....met a lot of yuppie motorcycle riders in the last several decades, but never a yuppie snowmobiler. If I didn't go in an opposite direction this weekend, would have been on one myself 42k one-way into our spacious 192 sq ft chalet at 7000 feet. Not many visitors there, but those that come around are solid people. Full disclosure....ok, maybe not full...gone some places I ought not to have too, starting with that banana seat Mustang bicycle. Pretty sure the people giving away our province would rather I stayed in town rather than witness what's happenin' out there....but, from what you report, that would mean an upgrade on that duct taped Sears outlet store winter gear of mine.

Mr. Beer N. Hockey said...

I'm not talking about snowmobilers and their need for warm clothes to pursue their hobby. I'm talking about people who wear $10,000 worth of gear to try and set themselves off from the rest of their species. Do yuppies not have The Emperor Wears No Clothes Read To Them?

motorcycleguy said...

headline....."snowmobile gang stalks latte shop yuppies, steal clothing"....no charges laid, yuppies could not demonstrate need