29 January 2016

Valuable Experience

It has been a valuable experience transferring my political energy (weakened for part of the campaign by a near inevitable influenza attack) to Keithley and his team in Coquitlam. Experience I hope to build on during the final seventh of the by-election.

Seeing shit through a different set of eyes is always valuable experience. Want a crash course in prostitution? You will not learn faster than you can by turning a few tricks.

Main thing I have learned is there are a lot of people out there who voted for fucking Trudeau who would rather breathe pure carbon monoxide than vote for Christy Clark and her Liberals who they see as no different and in some ways worse than Harper and his shitheads.

If I were in charge of the NDP's provincial campaign next spring I would target those people in the most aggressive, direct way possible. If I were in charge of the Green campaign I would do the same fucking thing. It is a pretty big pool of voters: a pool that knows it can do a lot better and is responsible enough to see that they do.

Being an activist ought always be a learning experience. A valuable currency to the unpaid volunteer.

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