1 February 2016

What Life Comes Down To

The Hammer is still happy when I wake up
And when I get home from the fucking mill.
I take her out, like always.
She shits, she looks at me, we go home.

Same thing even when I take her to her favourite places.
What life comes down to for us all
If some sudden shit does not take us down.

She still likes eating.
I am feeding her all her favourite food.
Turkey, steaks, hot dogs...
If I found a fresh road killed cat
I would giver her that.

Yet she continues to lose weight.


sassy said...

"She's happy . . . " Quality of life, that's what it's about.

Mr. Beer N. Hockey said...

Her happiness is fleeting unfortunately and seems intended for my benefit more than anything. She knows I am concerned about her. She knows lots of people are. That is something.

RossK said...

That is something, indeed.