28 January 2016

What Is Cool

Know what is cool
To listen to
When the nights
Are long,

The days are cold,
Your hockey team
Loses and
Looks bad doing it,

And money
Is so short
You cannot afford
To bet the Super Bowl?

Hawaiian music, motherfuckers!


theo said...

Hey Beer,
I took your suggestion of playing all of Space Ritual quite seriously. I checked out what we had of early Hawkwind - had “In Search of Space” and “Doremi Fasol Latido” but did not have the Space Ritual in our library. So, I went and bought it.

I finally got around to listening to it. I was intrigued by the fact it had spoken pieces in it. I was hoping for a really cohesive concept album as it is a live performance piece. I guess it is but I gotta tell you - I would have to be stoned out of my gourd to listen to all of it and be satisfied at the end. Probably better as the audio-visual live gig. I got as far as a ways into “Orgone Accumulator” before I got bored.

So, I ain’t gonna be doing the album good sir. I can’t play to my audience (all three of them - I think) what I can’t listen to with interest.

I am curious - why dedicate to Ian Tyson? Love the guy by the way.

Got any more requests? Drop me an email - tnelson@bexx.com. We just got the latest D.O.A. album in. I’ll be playing a set off that for sure.

ps. - Yeah - Hawaiian music is great!

Mr. Beer N. Hockey said...

Tyson smoked up Dylan the first time; Dylan smoked up the Beatles; then along came Hawkwind. Hawkwind's visual effects were pretty special. Only time I saw them they were using their Atomhenge set up which I got to see later when the Psychedelic Furs first toured North America. An acquired taste perhaps. The two studio albums you mention are doses of Hawkwind more easily consumed without suffering Sonic Attack.

Another request? How about Tyson's "Home on the Range"?

motorcycleguy said...

I was looking for the "Home on the Range" my dad used to play for me as a real little kid to see who the artist was. Couldn't find it. Flipping thru I happened on Cole McElroy's Spanish Ball Room Band "Honolulu Blues". Odd coincidence, though it's not like, you know, real Hawaiian. Need to flash up the '78 turntable to listen. Looks old. Yeah, Tyson. Think I mentioned "Summer Wages" somewhere here once.

Mr. Beer N. Hockey said...

If you've got the blues in Honolulu you got them real bad.