28 December 2015

New Bikes For Christmas

It was a sunshine superman of a Christmas Day. So lovely was it the Hockeys found themselves outside watching the youngest editions of ourselves ride their new bikes on the quiet street.

"Still seems weird seeing kids on bikes with helmets," sister Sal observed from the driveway's edge.

"If kids today had any idea how often we were concussed when we were young they would listen even less to us than they do now," Kitty continued.

"I wonder if they know they will never have half the fun we did though?" Hunky Z asked no one in particular.

"Fuck," I added. "The only thing I did when I was a kid that did not give me a concussion sooner or later was playing Pong."

"Oh, I think you even got knocked out playing Pong Beer," my mom chimed in supportively. "You used to knock yourself out tying your God damn shoes."

"We did not have all the drugs kids have now so we used to knock ourselves out just to alter our consciousness," my step-dad Reggie added. "Having a few beer, getting in a fight and getting knocked out cold was the best Saturday night a man could hope for in my day."

"You all should listen to yourselves. You all sound old as Anne Murray," Sonja observed with the clarity that comes with having drank half a bottle of champagne.

 Sonja is lucky. She is not like us. Sonja is going stay young forever.

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