25 December 2015

Message To the World

It is better to
Light a candle
Than curse
The Darkness

- old Anarchist saying

I am as fond of old sayings as anybody. The Queen tossed the above often used one into her yearly Christmas message. Watched in the quiet hour this morning before Sonja and the Hammer joined me by our twinkling lights.

My family used to always watch the Queen's Christmas message on television. My grandmother insisted on it. She thought, because the Queen was rich, everyone could learn something from her. A lot of people still think the rich are to be emulated. "They did not get that way by accident," they will tell you. Donald Trump is doing his best to cure us of that disease.


Anonymous said...

Both the Queen and Trump inherited their wealth... so, es: They did get that way by accident.

Maybe Grannie was trying to tell you to marry for money, not love.

Mr. Beer N. Hockey said...