29 December 2015

Lemmy Forever Forever Lemmy

You know I have been a fan of Lemmy's since before I began using underarm deodorant. I liked the cover of Hawkwind's "Hall of the Mountain Grill" so I bought it. Probably in the Woodward's record department in Sliverville.

I had already been drinking for years and was beginning to enjoy the (mostly) shitty marijuana we had in those days. I had an old stereo in my bedroom. I must surely have fell asleep hundreds of times listening to "Hall of the Mountain Grill" stoned out of my motherfucking head.

Loved everything about that record but I loved Lemmy the most. Nobody on Earth played like the fucker! Liked his singing voice too. You could tell the motherfucker lived closer to the flame of rock 'n' roll than most people.

When I was in England I got to see Motörhead back up Hawkwind. About the same time Motorhead's first album came out. Fucking rock show that was. I would never have guessed I would still be buying both band's records 40 years on.

Do not remember how many times I saw them in my province's bullshit capital, Dope City and right here in Steepleton. Louder than a mile long string of Harley Davidsons speeding up a canyon highway every time.

Last show for me was the Steepleton one. Lemmy looked near death then. Glad he squeezed a few more years out his life after that.

I have his band's last record though I have yet to play it - just the cd that came with it. Maybe I'll never play it.

My life would not have been the same without Lemmy. It would have been worse. Hawkwind and Motörhead made a man out of me.

Thanks Lemmy.

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